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Verso takes a unique, integrative approach to your physical, emotional and mental well-being, driven by both observational and scientific data.

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It starts with our signature vitality assessment
Our health survey helps us understand areas of opportunity across our wellness pillars so that our team can design a program to help you make the most of your membership at Ciela.
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We then design a program for you based on your goals
Our team of experts will create a bespoke wellness plan that includes building core strength and stability, decreasing fall risk, soothing muscles, removing toxins, improving mobility and flexibility, and mitigating inflammation and chronic pain.

In addition to customized wellness plans, Verso offers group activities that weave traditional and alternative healing modalities.

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Some of our remedies & services

We offer group classes, 1:1 training and treatments.

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1:1 Personal Training

Many older adults suffer from sarcopenia, which is progressive age-related loss of skeletal muscle mass and muscle strength. If you choose to add personal training to your plan we'll work with you to build a safe and effective program.

hydrotherapy pool for physical therapy for seniors


Hydrotherapy Spa

For those with chronic pain conditions, the natural hydrostatic pressure of water helps relax joints, improves strength and boosts flexibility. Explore underwater treadmill physical therapy sessions.

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Strength Training Class

Our muscles control so much more than movement. Recent studies have shown that when our muscles work, they release chemical messengers that stimulate our immune system allowing it to work better longer. Since the ability to fight infection declines as we age, we believe it’s crucial to incorporate strength and movement into every wellness plan.

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Keep moving so you can keep moving forward. We promote mobility and flexibility through yoga, tai chi and more.

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Treatments & Remedies

Heal your body; rejuvenate your whole self. Minimize discomfort with access to massage, acupuncture, cupping and more.

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Physical Therapy

Take a confident step into your future — we’ve got the support to keep you upright and on the move. Informed by the latest research, we work with you to create the right training plan to moderate your risk for falls.

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Sound Guided Meditation

Be mindful, stay sharp, and dream big. We provide memory care with FDA-approved cognitive therapy and sound-guided meditation to create a holistic experience that reflects your whole self.

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Connect to nature

Ciela is quite literally a retreat into nature. Studies show that simply being calm, quiet and in nature greatly impacts your stress level and boosts your health. So whether you take in the Santa Monica Mountains on our expansive outdoor deck, or take a guided walk by the beach or a low-impact trail you’ll experience the effects of being nature.

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We’re challenging the stereotypes of assisted living. This is a time for rejuvenation, for finding new meaning in life, and for joyful exploration of new possibilities. That’s why we focus our care on the principles of purpose, community, environment, joy, and movement.