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Covid19 safety

As a community, we understand the value of staying connected to family. Especially in unprecedented times like these. While we are taking all the necessary social distancing precautions to prevent an outbreak and keep our residents safe, we are also working hard to help you stay connected with your loved one. We have partnered with CarePredict to provide you visibility into key information about your loved one. Using CarePredict’s user friendly TouchPoint app, you can now access information on where your family member is spending most of their time in our community and their overall activity levels. Visibility that provides you peace of mind in knowing that they’re ok.

100% of our team members are fully vaccinated and we are happy to announce that all residents and team members will have access to the Covid booster as soon as it becomes available.

Despite safety measures like social distancing and self- isolation limiting some movement, understanding where your loved one spends their time while in their suite or within the community, can reveal a lot about their wellbeing. For instance, knowing that mom has been spending time in the library or has been in the communal areas lets you know that mom has been up and about and is in good spirits.

Unlike other fitness trackers, CarePredict’s Tempo wearable provides a unique “Activity Score” for seniors. The Activity Score is a numerical value assigned to the current activity level of an individual and captures all movement including exercising, taking a leisurely walk, doing housework, getting dressed, eating meals, playing cards, sewing, turning pages in a book and more. It provides you with a holistic view of mom’s general activity levels and lets you compare how her current activity level is compared to the past.

Additionally we're using the cutting edge, real-time contact tracing solution, CarePredict PinPoint. Unlike other contact tracing tools, PinPoint is exclusively designed for settings like senior living communities. If a suspected carrier is identified in the community, we can identify within seconds, all the residents and staff who have come in contact with the suspected carrier. We can also quickly determine the places within the community that have been exposed to the suspected carrier. Armed with this information, we are in a better position to ward off outbreaks and effectively limit the spread of contagion within our community.

Time is of the essence when it comes to tracing contacts who have been exposed to a suspected carrier. PinPoint provides instant visibility into all contacts including
who, where, when, and for how long. This allows us to see at-a-glance who is at high- risk from the exposure and, in turn, are most likely to transmit the contagion. Visibility into high-priority individuals allows us to respond quickly and with greater confidence.